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Lisa Sandner is a self-taught artist, art historian and avid collector of beautiful things.

Her atelier is called „Kabinett“, a reference to the traditional Cabinet de Curiosité where antique ephemera was collected and studied.

Lisa works with paper, fabric and lately also with clay, a lump of which was gifted by a friend during the pandemic. The shapes of her plates and vases are inspired by finds on antique markets and the needs of her own cooking or bouquet making.

Brought up in Africa, Lisa has been exposed to colours, patterns and the unique feeling of the handmade since early childhood and she continues to draw a lot of inspiration from folk-art around the world.

Lisa has lived in Paris, Berlin, London and Brooklyn and continues to travel to make new discoveries inspiring her creations. She is currently based in Münster, Germany, where she slowly and thoughtfully works on hand-made decorative objects for the beautiful home in her Kabinett Lfs.